Military Ranks

Thorondor's Military Chain Of Command


Army Command Ranks:

1. Baron - Lord of all Thorondor and Commanding General over the military.

2. First Knight - 2nd In Command over Thorondor and Lt. Commanding General of the military

4. Knight -Top tier cavalrymen who can act as officers and lead the cavalry or groups as a whole. (Equal rank to captain)

5. Captain -Officers of the infantry who are tasked with leading the footmen. (Equal rank to knight)

Light Calvary

Army Cavalry Ranks:

1 Knight -(See command ranks)

2. Squire -Squire to a knight who aspires to become a knight, generally better cavalry than a Hobiler.

3. Hobiler -Cavalry units that have proven their worth in the field.

4. Armati -Basic cavalry, mainly from footmen that have proven they can be effective in cavalry.


Army Footman Ranks:

1. Captain -(See command ranks)

2. Lieutenant -First officer rank of skilled infantry who can lead medium sized groups of infantry.

3. Sergeant -Skilled Infantryman who may be called on to lead small groups of infantry for small tasks.

4. Corporal -Infantry who have proven their worth in the field.

5. Private -Basic Infantry units.

6. Levy (Infantry) -Freshly recruited foot soldiers.


Army Archer Ranks:

1.Ranger Bow/Crossbow - The most elite archers who also show leadership and can lead large groups of archers while holding the equivalent of an officer rank.

2.Archer Bow/Crossbow - Skilled archers who may be called upon to lead small groups of archers for small tasks.

3.Retainer - Basic Archer Units.

4. Levy (Archer) - Freshly recruited archers.

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