Citizens Of Thorondor

Are you Adventurous? Dedicated? Courageous? Honorable?

 We are currently looking for people ready, willing, and able to commit themselves to the service of the kingdom and more importantly to the service of the people of our City.

You will begin the journey as a foot soldier. Some will advance to Man at Arms and others will make it to Knighthood. Aspire to move up the following ranks: Sergeant at Arms-Lieutenant Knight Commander-Knight Commander.

Sign up and show your dedication to protecting our City and becoming the Praetorian that is inside of you. Our training and practice schedule will be such that we will be ready to defend the Count, Duke or even the King if called upon.



Baron Marcus Antony

Ladies of House Antony:

Baroness – Braenwyn Antony
Lady – Cassia Antony
Lady – Aurelia Antony


Knight Commander - Marcus Antony

First Knight - Sir Rajin Kajin

Knight - Rolf Mortenson

Knight - Redcorn Mckracken

Knight - Alfred Baker

Lieutenant - Bladias

Lieutenant - Indoriel


Master Blacksmith - Ptiviper Vulcanus

Architect - Delphine Luxford

Carpenter - Eric The Awful

Madam of the Brothel - Pitviper

Hunter - Aydys Aydin

Undecided - Darshee Blackspyre

Undecided - Lambtron

Undecided - Fordrigil Ra

Merchant - Fuzzy

General Store Owner: Baphomet Lightbearer

Positions in need:


Architect - This job will have a Master and Apprentice.









Leather Workers




Total real players at this time: ???

No cap on any of these jobs at this time except for Architect.

There will be more available job and duties as we get all the main jobs covered. Folks will eventually start opening up their own shops. With the Military Ranks as we get enough fighters together those that prove to be strong Leaders can step up to the ranks. There will be several Military ranks such as Knight Commander, Lieutenant Knight Commander, Squire, Captain, Lieutenant, Sargeant, Corporal, and Private . All fighters will start off as recruits and and move up as they improve their fighting skill. There will also be bowmen ranks which I will post later. This is a rough draft of getting this started and will be more organized as we move closer to the game date.

If anyone is interested in committing to anyone of these jobs please either send me a message in Discord, Messenger, or send an email to

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