Thorondor 2

Baron: Marcus Antony

County: Lindinheim

Duchy: Drakeolm

Kingdom Blackheart

Server NA-West


Name: Marcus Antony

Home & Early life:

Marcus Antony is the firstborn son of Baron Lucius and Baroness Julia Antony.  Marcus lives in and defends his birthplace, Thorondor, a stronghold named after a Fearless Eagle King who defeated the most dangerous Dragons in the Early Wars, many years ago.

Thorondor is located in County of Lindinheim, under the the Duchy of Drakeolm, ruled by Archduke Fengo Darkholm.  The Duchy of Drakeolm is located inside the Kingdom of Blackheart, ruled by her Highness, Queen Rowena Darkholm .

Baron Lucius and Marcus were very loyal to their 

Count Heimdall Vindhlér

 and fought many battles beside them.

Training & Advancement:

Marcus began training with sword and shield at the tender age of six in order to prepare for battle alongside his father.

Throughout his studies he made many friends and established himself a worthy opponent, earning much respect among the men he would one day command.

At nineteen, Marcus was named as his father’s 1st Knight and Champion of the Land. At twenty-one, he became Baron Marcus Antony of Thorondor.

After a great battle fighting alongside of Count Heimdall Vindhlér, Marcus brought his father Baron Lucius home to Thorondor to spend his final days.

A grand, six-day feast was given to honor the life of Lucius Antony.  As Marcus celebrated the life and death of his heroic father, he vowed to one day tell his son the great deeds of his grandfather, as Lucius had shared stories of his father Castus Antony, many years before.

   These tales included the many victories and adventures with the Legendary Knight’s that called themselves, “The 13th Order”.     These thirteen Knights followed the old code to protect the Realm until the passing of Castus which took the heart from the close group of warriors and friends.

Present Day:

And here is where Marcus Antony’s story really begins.…..

Primary Focus

Thorondor will be primarily focused on the productions of weapons, armor, and farming to keep all the Knights, Man at arms, and all other fighting men/women well equipped and food in their bellies. There will be many other duties as well such as hunting, mining, shopkeepers, jewel crafting, cooks, town watch, and everything else that is needed to take care of the Land.


This will be a Stronghold that will need to be well defended by its people as well as protect the borders of the entire realm. Our focus will not only be to craft the weapons but be at the ready if we are called on to fight in battle. Whether it is a small bandit force that needs to be taken out or a massive battle against another realm, the land of Thorondor will be ready to fight!


Since this is still in the early stages this will be decided closer to the time that I know more about the economic status of the Kingdom.

Available Postions

Do you excel at making things grow? Then being a Farmer might be your calling. If you are good with your hands and don’t mind a little heat then being a Blacksmith might just be the thing for you. If you are of a more genteel nature then a shopkeeper might be your specialty.
Are you a lone wolf Hunter that likes to stalk their prey and supply the community with meat and pelts. If you see the beauty and potential in the wood to make bows and crossbows then a Bowyer is where your energies should go.

Farmers – Master growers of the finest wheat and produce.

Cooks One of the most important jobs to keep everyone fed with great food!

Blacksmiths – – Master of forging the finest Weapons & Armor throughout the Kingdom.

Hunters – Masters of bringing down the roaming beast to feed our town.

Bowyers Master of designing & stringing the most accurate Bows & Crossbows and Fletchers of the truest arrows in the Kingdom.

If you are a protector by nature then becoming a Soldier that protect the subjects and fights battles may be your destiny. Do you have the courage to be a Soldier? The dedication to walk the path to Knighthood?

 Calvary Rank:

Armati –Basic cavalry, mainly from footmen that have proven they can be effective in cavalry.

Footman Rank:

Levy (Infantry)Freshly recruited foot soldiers.

Archery Ranks:

Levy (Archer) – Freshly recruited archers.


More information about military ranks is  located here https://thorondor.us/military-ranks/

As all of the basics of the community are filled and performing to sustain the economy then other player ran shops can be started to enhance the community.

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Website: https://thorondor.us/

Email: thorondor13th@gmail.com

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